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I denna ring ser ni stämpeln 925. Den bekräftar ringens innehåll av silver

by Coe´'s jewelery is made of sterling silver 925. This means that 92.5% is silver and the rest, for example copper.  Silver in its purest form is very soft, so the silver is mixed with other metals to get durable jewelry and products. The limit for being called silver is at the silver content of 83%, the remaining 17% is usually copper. 830 silver is called working silver and is the most common fine content in food silver. 925 Sterling silver is whiter and softer to process than working silver and is best suited for jewelry making.

To be called sterling silver 925, there must be a stamp somewhere on the jewelry as a kind of proof that the amount of silver is correct.

Our gold jewelry is gold plated / gilded. This means that the jewelry is coated with a thin layer of real gold in 18k. The underlying metal is usually brass.

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