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Vi växer!

We are growing!

Now we can with joy and pride tell you that three stores in Sweden will start selling jewelry and clothes by Coe. Our jewelry and clothes have been incredibly well received both by horse lovers but also by people who may admire the horse from a distance. It's amazing. 

As you can see, our store has been expanded with both T-shirts and hoodies and soon we will also bring in super nice sweatshirts. All clothes are tested both in terms of size and durability, which we think is important. We understand that our clothes will be used in both stables and other times. So of course the clothes should withstand washing, both in the fabric and the print. In addition, our clothes are organic and fair trade, ie the factories that manufacture the clothes are certified to be decent employers and have a good working relationship for their workers. We think that is important.

We are in the process of developing new jewelry that will fit just as well for everyday life and parties. We will soon launch the Leia necklace.  Leia comes from Leah and means "mistress" in Hebrew and "delicate" in Arabic. Leia means "Flower from Above" in Hawaiian. For us, the Leia necklace means happiness and success. This small and simple necklace that from a distance looks like a circle, but if you look closely, it is a small horseshoe that of course stands for happiness and success. It will be so much fun to show you what the necklace looks like when it's completely ready.

Mother's Day and student, yes these are two big and important days for many. It is also sometimes difficult to know what to buy as a gift for someone on the student. You want to find the perfect gift that is appreciated but that can also be a nice memory. Both the ring Anna and the necklace Kim are perfect gifts, or why not the earring Jennie or the earring Amanda? 

Do you know how to measure the size of a ring? If not, we'll upload a picture here so you can see how simple and easy your size is. Do you need half size? No problem, we solve it. If you have, for example, 17.5, order a size 17 and email us at info@bycoe.se and we will enlarge it.

We wish you a wonderful spring and get in touch if you have any questions or concerns.


Feel so good

By Coe



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