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Horses + jewelry = true

Finally I get to launch my brand by Coe which is inspired by horses and riders. I have long felt that there is a lack of a jewelry company that manufactures jewelry that is of good quality and that can not only be used by smaller riders. We are many great riders who want to show that the horse is important to us, but then in an elegant and classic way. My first piece of jewelry was the ring Anna. The braided silver ring that symbolizes the braided horseman. The one you see in every stable with both big and small horses. That ring then became the Jennie earring. An incredibly beautiful earring that is so beautiful with its braided structure. 

The names, where do they come from? Well, the names are a tribute to horse girls who have been or are around me. Strong, independent and incredibly lovely girls that I have or had a lot of fun with, both in and out of the stable. So do not be surprised if your name is used on a piece of jewelery. 

Soon I will launch several pieces of jewelry in both silver and gold double. But I will also launch cool and incredibly stylish T-shirts. All of course inspired by horses and riders. 

Keep an eye out for the shop growing soon.

By Coe

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